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Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement with Radiesse Injectable Filler

2012-02-05 | Chin Augmentation, Radiesse

Chin augmentation technique will correct a weak chin or receding chin and balance your profile without the pain, risk, and recovery time of surgical chin implants.

Traditional chin augmentation involves the surgical implantation of a shaped silicone, solid chin implant under general anesthesia. The surgery involves up to two weeks of swelling and pain. The results can be good, but can also be limited by the shape of the prefabricated implant. Dr. Rivkin uses Radiesse injectable filler, rather than performing surgery for chin augmentation. A topical numbing cream is applied to prevent pain during the procedure. Small amounts of Radiesse are then injected into precise areas building up the chin and bringing your profile into balance. Results of non-surgical procedure are more precise because Dr. Rivkin expands only the areas that are absolutely necessary for the optimal cosmetic result.

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